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$1.95/mile Professional, Concierge Car Service !
"It’s More than a Ride ... It’s a Relationship"
  • Get Free Membership!
  • Get a car for only $1.95/mile; the industry's lowest price/mile!
  • Get prices lower than Uber, Lyft, Limos, Fleets, taxis, ride sharing, airport, vans, shuttles and rentals throughout the Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Annapolis, Baltimore Region.
  • Review Services and Fares for details.
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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What do households and travelers need A Car For:

Here is what our Members say they need A Car For:


  • I need "a car for" visiting friends, weddings, meetings, schools, nights out, casinos, restaurants, stadiums, museums, shopping trips, medical/ dental visits, senior communities , cruise terminals, train stations; airlines , go lots of places ... a cheap alternative to the multiple costs of owning a car, maintenance, insurance, gas, parking, tolls and related fees ...
  • When I don't need or want to drive; I need and want a reliable, safe, low priced car service as an alternative to the high cost of owning or renting a car or buying expensive "on demand" taxi, limo, Uber, Lyft or other car services.
  • My car is parked over 60% of the time I am paying for it.
  • is a very nice and cheap alternative to owning or renting.
  • I need a car service for all sorts of trips and events that my guests and I enjoy.
  • I need low price car service with rates that include gas, parking and tolls, so I don't have to pay extra like when using my car.
  • Vans, buses and trains are extremely inconvenient and expensive!
  • Uber, taxis, Lyft, black cars and other sedans are expensive and you don't know what or who you are getting!
  • Price/mile, Gas, Parking, Tolls and other Fees are not shown in the quoted price of other car services.

Throughout the region, is known and widely endorsed by hundreds of households that want, need and/or desire low prices and consistent superior service. is More than a Ride ... It's A Relationship.


After 3 years of market research, product, pricing and promotion testing of our unique reservation's value is growing each and every day. is almost ready to take the next step ... franchising !


Without any significant promotion during this period, we have served 1,703 Members ... and counting ... was created to give households and businesses instant, mobile access to low price, high quality, superior, professional, concierge car service, for a base price of only $1.95/mile.


Uniquely, Members make their own reservations and dispatch $1.95/mile Concierge Car Serviceto their location and take them in style to and from anywhere they wish to travel...and back to any location they chose.


*$1.95/mile pricing includes GPTF.

Gratuity ($20 minimum each way) is additional.

Member can provide an additional cash gratuity

$1.95/mile* Concierge Car Service ...Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Baltimore and Annapolis Region

Member Benefits

A Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., Baltimore and Annapolis Maryland $1.95/mile Concierge Car Service regional network of car service franchises is soon coming to give our fast growing Membership access to an online reservation system which allows Members to reserve and dispatch $1.95/mile Concierge Car Service. Members pay online for $1.95/mile Concierge Car Servicewith PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express; credit and debit cards:
  • $1.00 per mile (Car)
  • $0.95 per mile (G.P.T.F.) Gas, Parking, Tolls, Fees
  • $20.00 minimum gratuity each way (Concierge)
  • $0.00 wait charges
  • Free internet hot spot
  • Free baggage handling, curb to curb
  • Members paid $25.00 for referrals*.
We are a household and business transportation alternative. Members travel with us frequently to build their "trip types", total trips and  mileage to get additional, exciting Rewards Club benefits. Members know we need to sell a lot of miles to maintain such exclusively low prices, services and benefits. It's why our Members use us often, repeatedly; and refer us to colleagues, friends and families. Member loyalty helps fulfill our mission of maintaining household and traveler relationships that increase total trips and miles traveled and which keeps costs low. Fast food restaurants operate using similar volume based pricing and loyalty strategies.

Member cancellation policy:

This policy exists because when a Member reserves a time slot it cannot be sold to another Member who wants that time slot nor to anyone else. Our Members make only one attempt to secure a reservation. If they find their time slot is not available, Members select an alternative car service... resulting in a loss of business. Cancelling a reservation means you have purchased and held a time slot and removed all opportunities to sell the time slot. Cancellations result in lost inventory and lost business. 

  •  No refunds for:
    • No shows
    • Incorrect data entry
    • Cancelled Reservations

More Miles mean More Savings for Members!
  • $25 sent to Members for every referral who becomes a Member!
  • $25 Member discount for transports on their Birthday!
  • 10% off on Federal holidays
  • Free Promo Codes

Our Members RELAX in Safety, Comfort ... and

Avoid Drunk Driving, Traffic Cameras, Radar and Police!

We encourage Members to contact us from the bar or the party and we will pick a Member up as quickly as possible, take Members home and take you back to your car the next day!  ($100.00 + mileage + gratuity)
Or; we'll pick Members up at the bar or party, take you home...the Member give us the keys and we'll bring your car to your home!
You wake up safely at your home with your car in your driveway!  $200.00 + mileage + gratuity)

$1.95/Mile* Concierge Car Service
    Save Money, Drive Less!

Our Members use A Car For to take them to and from:

  • Households
  • Military and Government facilities
  • Casinos
  • National Harbor Resort on the Potomac
  • Stadiums
  • Concerts
  • Events and Occasions
  • Restaurants
  • Meetings
  • Birthdays
  • Movies
  • Date - Night Out
  • Business Clubs
  • Shopping (Grocery, Malls, Outlets)
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Office
  • Dental Office
  • Health Clubs
  • Retirement/Senior Facilities
  • Golf Courses
  • Museums
  • High Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Bowling
  • Work (to & from)
  • Airports
Relax your Concierge handles every detail for you; free baggage handling and travel management to and from all destinations ... our signature "always 15 minutes early staging process" at households, businesses, airports, train stations or anywhere else prepare the car and Members/guests for an elegant, fast, hassle free, smooth exit ... getting Members and their guests on the way on time!  No waiting, no hassles, ready for great conversations for work on the way using available WiFi ...via our signature concierge service.
    • BWI (Baltimore Maryland - Washington International Airport)
    • DCA - Reagan National Airport, Arlington Virginia
    • DCA - District of Columbia Airport
    • IAD - Internationl Airport Dulles (Sterling, Va)
    • Philadelphia, New York airport trips are also requested
  • Amtrak (Baltimore Penn Station, Washington DC Union Station)
  • Cities
    • Washington, DC
    • Annapolis, MD
    • Potomac, MD
    • Reston, VA
    • Baltimore, MD
    • Harrisburg, PA
    • York, PA
    • BelAir, MD
    • Wilmington DE
    • Dover, DE
    • Queenstown, MD
    • Easton, MD
    • Salisbury, MD
    • Ocean City, MD
    • Pauxtent Naval Station
    • Frederick MD
    • Hagerstown, MD
    • Alexandria, VA
    • New York City
    • Philadelphia
    • Richmond, VA

Our Guarantee

ACarFor'.com's $1.95/Mile Concierge Car Service™ is not only the very best service in the industry, we also guarantee to be the least expensive comparable transportation alternative compared to taxis, limos, rentals or any other non-public transportation.  Show us published rates or documentation of a less expensive, high quality, non-public transportation service in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Baltimore, MD and Annapolis MD, Capitol Region and we will give you your trip for free! 

Using public transportation like trains, buses, vans or shuttles is fine as long as your time and convenience are not important.

At $1.95/Mile Concierge Car Service:
  • You never touch your baggage, from curb-to-curb.
  • The car is meticulously clean, safe and secure.
  • Your professional, relationship manager is at-your-service for any want or need the entire time you are in our care.

All this for a base price of only $1.95/Mile!